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How do I know that Leo's Consultancy is the right consulting agency for me?

We pride ourselves on exceptional quality end results with fantastic competitive prices which are great value for money without any compromise on the standards we deliver. We aim to provide a reliable, flexible and friendly approach to making sure each of our consumers are happy with their end product. We love to see our consumers happy at the end of the day once their product is finished, building consumer loyalty is extremely important to us. If you are looking for any of the following services please get in touch for a free consultation, Content Writing for websites. Social Media Management. CV Writing Services. Business Support. Admin Support. Career Guidance. Further services available upon request. 

I would like to review functions within my Business, one of those functions is the employee element. Are you able to help on how we can improve retention and enhance productivity?

One of the key services we offer is our Business Transform Project. The service consists of looking at how employees feel about working at the company, are they happy, are they treated fairly, training and other key areas and then based on their responses a report will be generated identifying key trends  and strengths and opportunities and then providing recommendations to the Business on how to the improve the people element of the Business which ultimately should aim to help enhance morale, productivity and retention. Get in touch to find out about other services we have on offer to support Businesses within this key area.

I am not happy with one of the CV Writing Service provided to me. What now?

We aim to please each and every one of our consumers so that they are happy with the end product and so they are ready to set off on their quest. However, if in the event you are not happy with your product we would like you to contact us so that we can understand what the issue is and do our best to resolve it as quick as possible. After completing each of our services we do send out an email asking your to confirm if you are happy to close this service, by confirming yes this means that you are happy with the end product. If selecting no then please do contact us so we can rectify for you.

I have double-checked on the "Services" page for a service I require however I can see you do not offer it. Do you offer any other services other than those displayed on the site?

Yes, we offer a variety of services on our website however we are always looking to take on additional service requests. Please feel free to get in touch with us by our "Contact Us" page and provide us with details on the services you require and we will be more than happy to provide a quote for the service if we have the capacity to do so. Additionally, please feel free to request a call with us if you think that would be easier to go through service requirements. We would love to take on additional projects to help you.

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