Festive Spirit, Festive Cheer, HR are Here 😊

Every single one of you who have worked with me or even those of you who have followed me for the last few years on LinkedIn, you all know where my passion lies within Human Resources. Can anyone take a guess?

Yes! You’ve got it!

Employee Engagement. Employee Wellbeing. Building fun into the workplace. Increasing team spirits.

Making employees feel happy when they come to work. Just like a small little family. That is what I have always loved doing.

So, I thought what with Christmas coming up, just around the corner... (Can you believe it is here already? It is crazy how time has flown by!). Anyway I thought now is the best time to share with you some ideas on what you can do with your teams or for your teams who are either in the workplace or who are working from home or for that matter on furlough. These 10 ideas will spread some festive Christmas cheer to all your team.

Remember all these ideas can be done virtually or in person. So here the list is:

1. Secret Santa

2. Christmas Talent Show

3. Christmas Gifts/Cards

4. Best Christmas Outfit Competition

5. Christmas movie night

6. Christmas themed quiz night

6. Christmas Party

7. Christmas scavenger hunt.

8. Build your own Christmas video team competition

9. Christmas themed murder mystery game

10. Christmas themed bingo or games session

There are so many ideas out there. If you are in the office why not decorate your offices full of Christmas decorations. These are just a few ideas.

Get creative.

Bring that festive spirit!

Most of all have lots and lots of Christmas fun and Festive cheer!

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