Health and Wellbeing Initiatives for Human Resources

The best part about working in Human Resources that I love is bringing teams together and showing them how much we value them and care about their Health and Wellbeing. The big focus for me during my HR career was health awareness initiatives and social engagement activities to build a fabulous team culture and supportive network making sure our employees feel cared about. For any of you looking for inspiration on how to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace here is a few ideas on activities which can be used in your organisations. But do not forget one thing…Health and wellbeing is more than just holding one off activities; it needs to be integrated into every day and you need to build a supportive environment. Feel free as always to completely replicate the idea or mix it up, it is completely up to you. So, lets get started…

1. Healthy Drinking Awareness

Purpose: Building awareness around drinking healthier. Focusing on cutting down on sugar and living a healthier lifestyle.

Preparing for the event: Create a board out of a large sheet of paper, pens and empty drink cans/bottles (like attached). Then get some see through plastic cups, stick on labels and a bag of sugar. Check the sugar content in the cans and pour the same amount of sugar content into one of the cups and label with the grams content. Do for all the cans.

How to play: When you are ready stick the sheet up in a common place. Have the cups ready on a table for employees to put in order of sugar content. They must match the cup of sugar with the can. Only at the end of their turn let them know the correct order.

Have a small prize or keepsake at the end for those that get it right. Healthy drink recipe book maybe? You can also do an online version for those working from home...

Your employees will be surprised how much sugar us in some drinks. Check out Yazoo Milkshake!

2. Kindness Rocks Project

Purpose: Focuses on building positivity and calm. It lets your teams relax and focus their minds on arts and crafts which is well known for being effective in promoting relaxation whilst sending out a positive or inspirational message to another team member.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your Teams! Turn on the music. Grab some snacks. Grab some drinks and then relax and paint away! Get your teams to paint inspiring kind quotes and pass them on to your team to lift their spirits! And make them smile!

3. Team Building Yoga

Purpose: Reducing stress through yoga.

*DID YOU KNOW... 5000 years ago yoga was originated in India? * 5000 years ago. It has been around for that long? I mean who knew?

Yoga an ancient form of exercise. And has so many benefits!

Some benefits include reduction in stress levels, improves physical health, mindfulness, building on high levels of focus.

Yoga team building is a great way to get your teams up and moving, working together whilst getting fit. The team building version of yoga can increase trust within teams, build on problem solving skills and cohesive thinking. There are a load of team positions and challenges out there on the internet which can give you further inspiration on group activities to make your yoga session, fun, engaging and team directed.

4. Sports Day

Summer is here!

A perfect time to get your team out of the office exercising! Of course, with social distancing in place! Having a company sports day can:

· Inject a mass fun into the workplace

· Enhance team relations

· Create friendly competition

· Physical health benefits

· Promotes a clearer mind

There are so many games to play on a sports day. My favourite is definitely the relay race and the egg and spoon race. Do not forget to hold an awards ceremony at the end for the winning champions. Why not take a picnic as well or ask the team to bring their own lunch?

5. Health and Wellbeing is so much more...

Health and Wellbeing at work is not just about holding a few activities here and there, yes it is a small part but the big part is so important not to miss. The big part is building a culture for employees to thrive, for them to feel supported, valued and cared for every day. It is to continuously develop an environment where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves so they can perform at their best.

Some ways to support wellbeing at work are:

· Create a family feel environment, a team which help each other, support each other listen to others and a team that has each others backs.

· Have regular check ins and make them genuine interactions not just a formality or tick box exercise. Genuinely care for your people and build that culture as a norm.

· Have an open-door policy.

· Make sure the support is in place to allow employees to grow. ‘

· Small things make a big difference, do not forget those small things.

There are so many ways to support wellbeing. The above are just to name a few.

Every single one of us are unique, we all have different motivators, different needs, different stories to tell and different life experiences past, present and future. Make sure you are there and make sure you build a team who are there to support and promote team wellbeing within your organisation.

If you would like to find out more or would like any more top tips feel free to reach out and I would be happy to help! Good luck everyone!

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