Peakon Employee Survey - Have you tried it?

Sometimes employees may be feeling in one way but when asked they may say something completely different. This shouldn’t be the case, however unfortunately this can happen for whatever reason. That is why as a HR Professional I particularly liked having a survey where employees could feel completely open to share their thoughts and suggestions. Are you looking for a new employee survey to help you and your organisation to find out how your employees are really feeling?

Having used Peakon survey in one of my previous organisations working in Human Resources, I must say I really think it is a fantastic tool and definitely worth considering if you are looking to find out what your employees really think. Oh, and by the way it is worth mentioning I am in no way affiliated with Peakon in anyway, I just feel it can be hugely beneficial to many organisations.

Why is Peakon so great?

1. Questions on all different topics ranging from pay, benefits, workplace culture, management, wellbeing, leadership and so much more.

2. The survey is confidential/anonymous no one can tell who wrote what.

3. You can view a breakdown of participation rates in a percentage and in whole numbers. You can also break this down per department. You can see how many people are due to complete the survey and how many have already been completed.

4. You can see overall scores and department breakdown scores. It shows a breakdown of benchmarked scores across the industry to see how your score compares.

5. The survey has multiple choice questions and has open ended questions, so you have access to comments of employee’s responses.

6. Once the survey closes you can build action plans and share with your teams, based on the survey results.

7. The survey keeps progress tracker charts where you can see how you performed at present compared to previous times of the year.

8. The survey gives employees an opportunity to express themselves and allows widespread feedback to be collected and then actioned.

Although Peakon in my opinion is a fantastic tool to have, it is essential to follow up, refer back to it and monitor ongoing progress otherwise the whole survey would have been pointless.

As with any survey it is key to have clear communication with your teams and the organisation should keep the teams updated on survey progress, share findings and share planned actions.

Understanding our people and understanding our teams is vital...

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